LeetCode — Find Content Children

Assume you are an awesome parent and want to give your children some cookies. But, you should give each child at most one cookie.

Each child i has a greed factor g[i], which is the minimum size of a cookie that the child will be content with; and each cookie j has a size s[j]. If s[j] >= g[i], we can assign the cookie j to the child i, and the child i will be content. Your goal is to maximize the number of your content children and output the maximum number.

Example 1:

Input: g = [1,2,3], s = [1,1]
Output: 1
Explanation: You have 3 children and 2 cookies. The greed factors of 3 children are 1, 2, 3.
And even though you have 2 cookies, since their size is both 1, you could only make the child whose greed factor is 1 content.
You need to output 1.

Example 2:

Input: g = [1,2], s = [1,2,3]
Output: 2
Explanation: You have 2 children and 3 cookies. The greed factors of 2 children are 1, 2.
You have 3 cookies and their sizes are big enough to gratify all of the children,
You need to output 2.


Time Complexity: O(n * logn)

Space Complexity: O(1)




Dell Technologies — VxRail Software Engineer 👨‍💻

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Steven Lu

Steven Lu

Dell Technologies — VxRail Software Engineer 👨‍💻

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